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General-purpose (economical class) CNC

ANC-102 1 Axis Positioning/cut feed
ANC-202D 2 Axis With the straight line/arc interpolation functions
ANC-302 3 Axis With the straight line of an optional 2 axis/arc interpolation functions

General-purpose (PC order type) CNC

ANC-650L 6 Axis Straight line of an optional  4 axis/arc of an optional 2 axis With the interpolation functions

Exclusive CNC

ANC-820T 2Axis+Spindle For Lathe
ANC-835M 3 Axis+Spindle For Milling

Flatbed knitting machine control system
  Additionally with several models added to the specification of each company and each knitter
        (Series of KH、SC、SMC、HS & more)

Design system for flatbed knitting machine (Application software)


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