Company Profile

■ Message from the President

We make “thing creating by the right sense of ethics” an enterprise idea since foundation in Iruma-shi and participate in the control field of the automation machine variously including NC equipment in 1983, and Taiwan, China and Korea as well as the country are developing business in East Asia.

I combined software with hardware most suitably, did excellent product creating of a cost performance ratio and made an effort toward customer’s degree of satisfaction improvement focusing on motor control more than foundation at first.

I’m also putting the effort into development of the Windows application software which took artificial intelligence in and am also making an effort toward mechanical productivity improvement aiming at a machine gentle with a person in recent years. It’s useful for cancellation of shortage of labor and improvement of the quality by automation and labor-saving, and I’ll make an effort in order to contribute to all over the world, so we appreciate your continued support.

President Yoji Minami


■ Enterprise idea

We don’t make a product. We create a product. That’s our motto.

And it’ll be a social model by the right sense of ethics, and I aim at the enterprise which contributes to the whole world.

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