Adoption information

I’m sorry, but I’m not offering a job present.

We regard abundant creativity as a foundation of enterprise progress.
The engineer group aiming at development of a product which can take the most high technique in and move a customer deeply.

A job category Software engineer
The contents of work Software development for built-in equipment by a C language
(A C language of a microcomputer is used for the
center and software about mechanical control is developed mainly.)
The number to be accepted Somewhat
A salary The experience/faculty is considered and it’s treated very well by our regulation.
Having: Once a year
A bonus: Twice a year
Employee benefits There are a social insurance (social security pension, health insurance, unemployment insurance and workers’ accident) and a retirement plan variously (continuous service for more than 3 years).
Office hours  8:30~17:30
Holiday/vacation With a five-day week, a seasonal vacation and a paid holiday
Applying In calling or mailing it after personal history (picture attachment) mailing beforehand, please make a contact.
I’ll inform you of interview dates later. Application seal of secrecy is done.
Application phone number TEL:04-2936-3221   Charge: Kodama
Please apply more than an adoption application in a mail case.

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