Additionally it’s made according to each company specification.
(KH, SC, SMC and HS series, etc.)



Picasso — Design application for knitting machine data making.

・The request hardware specification

OS After Windows7 32bit or 64bit.
Memory 4GB More than
Monitor The resolution FHD( 1920 x 1080 ) above is recommended.
Hard Disk It’s used about 12 MB by application.
In purpose for data storages, the free space, it’s necessary sufficiently.

・The application specification

The canvas size Biggest canvas size 512 (W) x 99,999 (H)
2048 or most substantial biggest high 99,999
Main canvas screen Another 3 screens of use. Compilation texture pattern of data for knitting machines is designed.
Option linear screen Behavior in each line of the main canvas is established.
Pattern symbol of an edit screen It’s possible to indicate expansion from 1:1 to 64:1 (16: After 1 can indicate a symbol of a stem.)
Draughting tool:
 Free-hand, straight line, square (frame and filling in color) and oval (A frame fills in color.)

Filling in color (the range of the designation location color) and filling in color (It fills in color of the pattern copied from the designation location.)

Spraying, the color substitution, character input, multiple copy, specific line insertion elimination and specification line insertion elimination.

J1-J9 cable development collapse, I1-I9 cable development collapse and V,U typostrophism collapse.

The scaling function and the symmetrical editing function which are in the copy function and the choice territory during 3 pictures of main canvas.

The user macro function:
 The function which chooses the edited pattern as a regulation by the user macro setting and develops the pattern.
The use color・・・Designation with the pattern performed by the user macro expansion.

 Pattern arrangement・・・It develops for left sides. It develops for right sides. It develops at the location by all means.
 Territory choosing/repeating・・・It develops in the territory. It’ll be repeated by the specific pattern.
 Way choice・・・It develops for a way.
 Mix macro・・・I nest the user macro expansion.
 Arrengement vertically・・・It develops to the verticalness direction.
The compilation function:
 Picasso data is converted to knitting machine data by Archimedes application.


                                                 Design system

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